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Our immigration law services are for fixed flat fee. For most services, you can obtain a quote over the phone. For some services like filing for a waiver of grounds of inadmissibility, you will need to contact our office to schedule a free consultation so that we can determine the fee.

Consulting about your immigration issues is best done in person. There are many factors that need to be considered when answering such a question. Please call our office to schedule an appointment. 

You can pay our attorney’s fees with cash, checks or a credit card. For USCIS fees you will have to pay with cahs or a check. 

We hope we are. To determine for yourself, please review the appropriate sections on our website. If you wish to discuss your case in person, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. 

We promise to return all phone calls within 24 hours of leaving a message. Additionally, we strive to respond to e-mails within the same timeframe.  

The best way to contact our office is to call us. Even if nobody is available to answer your call, if you leave a message, we will return your call within 24 hours. 

The short answer is “yes”. Dealing with immigration and family law issues are life-changing events and you want to get everything right. Unfortunately, a small mistake can lead to disastrous consequences for the rest of your life. 

If the case is “uncontested”, i.e., all the issues of division of marital property and spousal support, and if there are children of the marriage, the issues of allocation of parental responsibilities and child support are agreed upon by the parties, the divorce can be finalized in a couple of weeks provided all required conditions for a divorce in Illinois are met. If, however, the divorce is contested, the time frame can vary greatly. 

The allocation of parental responsibilities was introduced as a concept with the changes to Illinois Maririage and Dissolution of Marriage Act on July 1, 2016. It replaced the concept of custody with which people are a lot more familiar, but it is basically the same issue. Unless the parties have an agreement, the court will decide which of the parents will make significant decisions related to the parties’ children regarding their education, religious upbringing, extracurricular activities and medical issues. 

Illinois law provides a way to determine the amount of child support that is established pursuant to the guidelines enumerated in 750 ILCS 5/505. Illinois provide a online calculator at so that parents can determine the amount of child support. When both parents are salaried W-2 employees, the formula can give a pretty good idea of the proper amount of child support. However, the issue of child support can be extremely contentious especially if one or both parents are self-employed. 

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