Child Support


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Child Support

Under Illinois law, parents have an absolute legal obligation to contribute to the economic support of their children regardless of whether they are married, whether the children live with them. This mutual responsibility continues whether parents are unmarried, married, separated or divorced. This obligation becomes an issue in dissolution of marriage, custody, and paternity cases. It typically results in the court ordering the non-residential parent to pay money to the other parent for the children’s expenses and also to provide health or medical insurance for the benefit of the children. Ordinarily, the parental duty of support terminates when a child reaches the age of 18 — the age of majority. However, for children who are full-time high school students, and not self-supporting or married, when they turn 18, the duty continues to the age of 19 or graduation from high school, whichever comes first. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services shall adopt rules establishing child support guidelines which induce worksheets to aid in the calculation of the child support obligations and a schedule of basic child support obligations that reflects the percentage of combined net income that parents living in the same household in Illinois ordinarily spend on their child. Parents can use the child support estimator located at: At the law offices of Paul Marinov, we work to ensure that the child support reflects the actual figures for income and expenses provided by both sides. We also provide services for the subsequent modification of the amount of child support due to material change of circumstances as well the enforcement of payment of already ordered child support.

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