Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

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Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

It is generally agreed amongst family law practitioners that the issues presented in the litigation for the allocation of parental responsibilities with respect to the minor children  are the most emotionally trying ones of all issues normally resolved in divorce proceedings.  Disputes about the allocation of parental responsibilities may continue long after a couple’s relationship ends, and involve third parties, relocation of parents and children out of state or abroad, or require the assistance of law enforcement, mental health, or other professionals to resolve. The general legal standard a court must apply when parents have a dispute about allocation of parental responsibilities in a dissolution or other family law proceeding is the child’s “best interest.” At the law offices of Paul Marinov we know that your children are the most precious gift in your life and that you certainly want what you consider is “best” for them. We have found that actually educating our clients and exploring possibilities to ensure the best protection of your children’s rights. In vast majority of cases, children’s best interests and well-being are paramount to both parents and both parents can a workable plan for sharing time with children after a breakup. However, when your children’s rights must be defended in a vigorous litigation before court, we at the Law Offices of Paul Marinov will fight for your children’s rights.

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