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Paul Marinov

Attorney at Law

Law Offices of Paul Marinov

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Attorney Paul Marinov has been a practicing family and immigration law attorney
since 2004 upon obtaining his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Chicago- Kent
College of Law, located in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from law school, Mr.
Marinov worked at a law firm in downtown Chicago where he practiced
immigration law and family law. After gaining extensive experience handling a
wide variety of immigration and family law cases, Mr. Marinov founded the Law
Offices of Paul Marinov. Attorney Marinov works directly with his clients to ensure
that he knows all their concerns and represents them effectively. Mr. Marinov
guarantees that all phone calls will be returned within 24 hours thus ensuring that
our clients are well informed of the development of their cases. Please refer to
Immigration Law Services and Family Law Services to learn about Paul’s
expertise in the areas of your interest.


Our firm represents clients in immigration and family law matters.