A divorce is often an extremely traumatic time, causing both parties to feel
overwhelmed by the myriad financial and legal issues that must be addressed during
the court proceedings. At the Law Offices of Paul Marinov, we understand and
respect the emotional distress and difficulties that you are going through and we will
provide the legal help to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

At the Law Offices of Paul  Marinov we have handled a wide array of family
law matters ranging from a simple uncontested dissolution of marriage cases to
complex family law matters involving accusation of dissipation of marital property,
complex business valuations, and child custody. We understand that going through
divorce could be extremely stressful because of the many personal and financial
issues involved, the resolution of which will likely affect you and your children for
many years to come. We will aggressively litigate a case when necessary or pursue a
favorable settlement through negotiations with the other party.

In Illinois, all property acquired after the marriage and before entry of a judgment
for dissolution or declaration of invalidity, including nonmarital property transferred
into some form of co-ownership between the spouses, is presumed to be marital
property regardless of how title is held unless the property falls within one of the
exceptions provided by the law. The court is to divide the marital assets in just
proportions upon the dissolution of the marriage without regard to the identity of the
spouse holding legal title. The Illinois law does not require an equal division of
marital property, but an equitable division. Thus, dividing the marital property in
“just proportions” under Illinois laws may result in a disproportionate allocation
between the spouses. Typically, the court considers the work experience of both
spouses, their educational background, contributions to the marriage, health, and
other factors.

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