Removal and Deportation Defense

Any non-citizen, including green card holders, may be removed (deported) back to their country of origin if they fall under any of the numerous grounds for removal under current U.S. immigration laws. The most common grounds include various violations of U.S. immigration laws and convictions of certain crimes. The removal proceedings start with the service on the foreign national (or “the respondent”) of a charging document called “Notice to Appear”, which requires the respondent to appear in immigration court and to plead to the allegations in the Notice to Appear that establish his or her “removability” from the United States. If the foreign national is eligible for relief from removal, this relief must be requested and certain applications must be submitted. Even if the immigration judge denies the requested relief, the foreign national can appeal the decision before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Additionally, under certain circumstances, there could be Motion to Reopen and/or Motion to Reconsider filed where appropriate. Attorney Marinov has extensive immigration court experience. Mr. Marinov has obtained various forms of relief for his clients varying from entirely dismissing a case because of improvidently issuance of a Notice to Appear to obtaining green cards through applications for adjustment of status many times in conjunction with applications for a waiver of grounds of inadmissibility and cancellation of removal cases. At Law Offices of Paul Marinov, all available options of relief will be vigorously exploited and pursued.

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