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Going through divorce can be one of the most traumatic event one can experience in his or her lifetime. At Law Offices of Paul Marinov, we understand and respect the emotional distress and difficulties that you are going through and we will provide the legal help to ensure that your rights are fully protected. We know that in this difficult time the most important thing for you is to get efficient legal services so that your case is resolved as quickly as possible while still achieving the best possible outcome. We will aggressively litigate a case when necessary or pursue a favorable settlement through negotiations with the other party.

Division of Marital Property

In Illinois, all property acquired after the marriage and before entry of a judgment for dissolution or declaration of invalidity, including nonmarital property transferred into some form of co-ownership between the spouses, is presumed to be marital property regardless of how title is held unless the property falls within one of the exceptions provided by the law. The court is to divide the marital assets in just proportions upon the dissolution of the marriage without regard to the identity of the spouse holding legal title. The Illinois law does not require an equal division of marital property, but an equitable division. Thus, dividing the marital property in “just proportions” under Illinois laws may result in a disproportionate allocation between the spouses. Typically, the court considers the work experience of both spouses, their educational background, contributions to the marriage, health, and other factors.

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Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

The general legal standard a court must apply when parents have a dispute about allocation of parental responsibilities in a dissolution or other family law proceeding is the child’s “best interest.” At the law offices of Paul Marinov we know that your children are the most precious gift in your life and that you certainly want what you consider is “best” for them. We have found that actually educating our clients and exploring possibilities to ensure the best protection of your children’s rights. In vast majority of cases, children’s best interests and well-being are paramount to both parents and both parents can a workable plan for sharing time with children after a breakup. However, when your children’s rights must be defended in a vigorous litigation before court

Child Support

The issue of establishing a child support for the parties’ minor children is a central one  in dissolution of marriage, custody, and paternity cases. It typically results in the court ordering the non-residential parent to pay money to the other parent for the children’s expenses and also to provide health or medical insurance for the benefit of the children. Ordinarily, the parental duty of support terminates when a child reaches the age of 18 — the age of majority. However, for children who are full-time high school students, and not self-supporting or married, when they turn 18, the duty continues to the age of 19 or graduation from high school, whichever comes first.

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